Magick is Quantum: true story

This video, by itself, is the origin of some of my recent epiphanies about magick. Quantum physics is hardly my thing, but I’ve watched a few TED talks and ogled Brian Cox enough to make an observation that has really helped me on my learning journey.

‘Wyrd’ is a concept that stems from Anglo-Saxon and Nordic roots; it’s a description of a sort of ‘between world’ of fate and consequence. Everything has a knock-on effect in Wyrd, so you have to exercise responsibility and ethical considerations when working magick and in your everyday life, because every action causes a reaction and even inaction changes consequences.

The physicists tell us that at the smallest possible size particles, anything is possible. It’s a world of infinite probabilities. And that’s why magick works.

Imagine Wyrd as a huge cobweb. Stretching its strings outward and roundwards into and through infinity.

Any action, magickal or non-magickal, means those strings are moved slightly; they connect with different strings from before, and thus the events are changed, and that happens right along the string, stretching out into infinity. Until another action (or inaction) takes place.

I’m not saying this particular video explains it completely, but it helped me understand the concept better, and I maybe even feel a little bit validated by the science. There’s always the risk of sounding like a crackpot when writing about magickal stuff.

In essence, Wyrd, and quantum physics says every decision you take or fail to take is crucial to how other people’s lives turn out. It’s a big responsibility to understand that. Particularly when using magickal practices.

I think of it like a woven, multidimensional fabric of existence, but it’s often seen as a version of Fate, although it’s not as simple as that … it’s more simple and more complicated all at the same time!  This lady explains it really well.

What do you think about it? Can you see how Wyrd works, or is this a whole lot of garbled BS as far as you can tell?

Maggie Moon

Thanks to Sophie Reicher for posting this video and pointing out the Wyrdness of it.


What do you think?

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