Magickal uses

Wiccan circle plan

Over the years, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of people – what you might think of as ‘ordinary’, not just Goths and spinsters – who use magick. It’s all too easy to have a fall out with a jealous girl at work, and find things going endlessly wrong. Sometimes people send powerful thoughtforms without engaging in magickal practice, but either way the effects are unpleasant, unless they’re sending out light to the world.

Then you hear strange and creepy rumours about pop stars who belong to cultish groups such as Aleister Crowley’s OTO. Singers like Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Jay-Z and Beyonce and so on. Thing is, I can see any of them using magick to increase their successes. Madonna has openly talked about the Cabbalah and some of her involvement with it. I don’t find it creepy in itself; it more depends on who/what they asked for assistance.

The mainstream world, with its feet on the ground is quick to openly condem magick to the realms of nutcases and delusionaries, but many more people have a deep-rooted belief in it, if no more than giving credence to superstitions. At some level, we know it exists.

The thing that worries me is this: just because we can, does that mean we should? How do you think we test the honesty of our intentions before embarking on a working?




Image borrowed from American Folkloric Witchcraft


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