Stephen Fry on God

I love this video clip from Gay Byrne’s interview of the ineffable Stephen Fry, not least because he points out something that so many Christians fail to pick up on.

Fry tells Gay that he would have more truck with the Greek gods standing at the gate to ambrosia, rather than with the Christian god, Jehovah. Why? Because, he says, the Greek gods did not pretend to be loving and benevolent, or wanting only the good for mankind. They didn’t hide their capricious desires and requirements from man and they weren’t thought less of for all that. They’re blatant, and with that, more honest.

I’ve often thought about this point, though more with regards to the old gods of the Celts and their contemporaries. I’ve never really understood how come, in the face of all the dreadful things that happen, why Jehovah always claimed to still be loving his children, when he pretty clearly toyed with them just like all the other gods. And why on earth his children fell for that – are still falling for it now.

In my head I feel that there may be more direct contact between the old gods and people that there has ever been by Jehovah with people. I suspect, therefore, that Jehovah has used, instead, his marketing teams spread throughout the world and peopled by … well … people. So man has spread the misinformation about Jehovah – and done it very successfully – but it may not be entirely Jehovah’s fault, if you like. (Or maybe it is).



What do you think?

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