Protect yourself from yourself

Here’s the thing: it’s all very well soul-searching and figuring out what’s wrong with you, but even if you find the answers, what are you going to do about it?

Take anger, for example. It’s fine to think about where the anger comes from and what sets you off, but how are you going to heal from it? How will you protect yourself from its energies? It’s no good standing there in the aftermath of the Hell you have created by accident, saying ‘I didn’t mean it’, or ‘I’m sorry’. Sorry doesn’t cut it. Sorry.

A very wise lady whom I met at the weekend (read her blog here, because she’s wonderful) asked me how I was intending to protect myself from the needling that causes much of my anger. That gave me a step back, because I use spiritual protection a lot, but I hadn’t realised it could save me from tantrums too.

I got another nudge from a dear friend today, too, so here are a few elements of protection that can really help you survive, whether you’re dealing with one of 100 shitty days at the office, family that know how to get through the weak spots in your armour, or just all those annoying things that normally get to you. Like people eating. That’s a big one that’s been doing the social media rounds of late. Misophonia. That’s right, protect yourself from feeling wound up by the sound of someone eating. Or clipping their nails. Murders have been committed for less.

1. Centre and ground yourself every day. In fact, every time you think of it. Draw everything in you to the centre of your body, around an inch below your belly button (on the inside), and when you’ve held that for a good while, drop a line (I use white / electrical light energy lines) into the ground and feel it growing outwards and downwards, like roots of a tree. Bring a line up from the ground too, so that you have two, one down, one up.

2. Fill a little bag with a charged tiger’s eye (if you don’t know how to charge, I’ve Googled it for you), a handful of seasalt, and put it on a string around your neck. You can have one of these in the car, at the front door … they’re good for lots of places.  Add some dried basil for extra protection.

3. Give your dog a cuddle.

Seriously, that last one could be the best protection you ever get. If, like me, you’ve screwed up your love life for the milionth time, you know that at least your dog still loves you. And love, you know, is the greatest protection of all.

Give and receive love, all day.

Blessed be.

PS. If you want some great ideas on spiritual protection, check out Rame Kachin’s blog, from where the image above also comes.

Maggie Moon


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