Create your own abundance, right now

You might have heard of abundance. You might even have a notion of what that feels like. But when it comes down to it, there are only really two paths when it comes to abundance: having plenty, and not having enough.

But the Universe is an abundant place. There’s enough for everyone. Whole books have been written on how the idea of scarcity has been designed to ensure that a few people stay rich, while the others feed the richness and slave on the bottom rungs of prosperity.

So what’s the key to accessing the abundance, and why don’t more of us grab hold of the opportunity to take from the Universe what we need?

Money is energy

Anyone who studies Reiki will know that money is a form of energy. Well, it’s not just a form of energy. It is energy. Everything is energy. Little parcels of energy everywhere, at a quantum level, at least. And face it: quantum is a pretty profound level. It doesn’t get deeper and more meaningful than quantum.

Unimpeded, energy flows, but if we put blockages in its way, it is forced to stop. It might pool behind the blockage, or it might flow in a different direction. Either way, it won’t flow into our lives if we put up big blocks against it .

What are the blocks?

Okay folks, listen up,  because this is important. Here are the blocks – and the reasons why they’re bullshit. Our own, warm, comforting, ultimately ruining bullshit.

Self-worth and deservedness

Why don’t you think you deserve it? Why don’t you deserve nice things? Who told you that?

Actually self-worth and deservedness is probably my own personal biggest block. And why? I work hard, why shouldn’t I be paid for that? The same goes for everyone. You are unique. As unique as your thumbprint (which is absolutely unique). You aren’t better than anyone else, but you are special. You deserve.

Weird balances in life

It’s okay working as hard as you can, all the hours of the day and night and weekend, but where’s your chance to enjoy yourself if you do that? What’s worse, the lower you are paid, the more hours you have to work just to keep your head above the deluge of utility bills and bank statements.

If you don’t enjoy your work, you’re going to spend your life in the slow lane, because your spirit is looking for the nearest exit all the time. Why not enjoy the journey instead?

Take a leap, find what you really want to do with your life, and take care to truly enjoy yourself instead. That way, even when you’re working – even if it’s all the time for a bit – it won’t feel like work.

Money management

This is another big one for me. You have to be good at earning money, keeping money, and growing money, in order to get rich. Basically, what goes into the pot can’t be less than what comes out of the pot. Even if you earn a really low income, if you manage your money, you can be financially free. This is TRUTH, folks. I have a client in Australia who has based his career on this fact.

What’s your purpose?

How do you know where you’re going in life if you don’t have a plan? So make a plan. Go get that training, or go learn about business. Go figure out what it is you really want to do with your life. Because, no matter what the reincarnationalists tell you (and I’m one of them), no-one really knows if there’s anything else beyond death.

Don’t be afraid

What are you afraid of, having money? Getting it wrong? Destitution? I have been almost destitute on several occasions, because of my terrible attitude towards money, and I can assure you, trying to do better is the only way out. If you’re afraid to try … well, it isn’t going to end well, is it?

Access spirituality

Believe it or not, you can be a rich and spiritual person. In fact, if you have plenty of cash,  you have better opportunities to do good things for others. Being spiritual doesn’t mean that you should also be poor/average/mediocre. Being rich doesn’t mean you are a bad person.

Meditate everyday. Talk to the Universe. Figure out where you want to go, what it will do for you, and why you want to do it. And then go do it. Life’s too short to cry over money; it’s time for a change.

Blessed be!

Image c/o

Maggie Moon


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