Super-simple meditation for beginners

Things have been a little turbulent lately, on the hoohah front. However, I’ve discovered a way to avoid despair, and it isn’t prescribed. Or illegal; it isn’t illegal either. 🙂

It feels like knowing a secret to something that everyone needs, so I’m duty bound to share it (that’s my nature, never tell me a secret, it always escapes).

I’ve been investigating basic meditation, and have noticed positive influences immediately. Yeah, I’m real scientific about it. *sigh* Of course I can’t say that it works for everyone, but I’d like to think it does.

I’m not going to wax lyrical about the process; I think people find their own ways if they want to, though you should always ground and centre first.

The basic premise is:

Just be.

You’re in the Now, in the moment, thinking of nothing.

Feel outwards.

If there’s something you want to ask the universe, now’s the time.

That’s it, kind of. How you do each of those things is up to you. I focus on the Now more easily by staring at a candle flame. If you struggle to keep all those surface thoughts from bugging you, just concentrate on your breathing, pretend you’re following a molecule of air into your lungs and out again. This can keep your surface mind busy and will gently free up your ability to let the thoughts go.

Feeling outwards is when your awareness is around yourself as well as within. To me it physically feels like my hackles rising, or like my aura is expanding. I put it down to the idea that the mind is not encased in the brain, but is, in fact, the energy field that surrounds you.

If I’m asking the universe something, I form the question before I start the process. That way I can pull it out of my otherwise empty mind. It isn’t something you should always do, however; there’s something wonderful about sitting there just being; the entire process has its merits.

However you focus is up to you. Maybe on the picture at the top of this post!

Blessed be!

Image c/o Kinetic Soundspill video.

Maggie Moon


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