Practise happiness NOW!

Here’s the thing: happiness can be as much a habit as not. In fact, it’s more likely that you regularly practice unhappiness. Maybe you’re expert in it. I know I am.

Well, I was. But I’m determined that the practice of happiness is going to change my life, and … guess what? It already has. Just a few positive changes to the everyday mundaneity, and away I have gone.

See, it’s easy to see the things that aren’t right in our lives. The person you miss like you have a hole in your heart. The annoyances that go wrong, the papercuts to our existence that bleed us dry of all our childlike silliness and joie de vivre that we started out with.

Think about it. The people at work who drive us insane; the crossing guard or lollipop lady who never ever smiles even when the kids say thank you; the spouse or partner at home who never seems to make an effort. The little intolerances are everywhere.

They’re going to be there anyway, whatever state of mind you’re in, so why let them get to you?

Fill yourself up with white light every day, until it creates a huge bubble around you, and step into the light of the outdoors with a new set of eyes.

Take a breath before answering the 7-millionth daft question on what you’re eating for lunch today.

In fact, just take a breath, and remember that some cultures believe our breaths are a mantra that we say 26,000 times a day. 26,000. Wow.

There are so many terrible things going on around the world; so much abuse and hatred and strange obsessions with meannesses and horrible things. If your life isn’t so bad, maybe today is the day to stand back and look at it kindly. Look at yourself in the mirror and be thankful for what you have.

Practise the practice of happiness. Don’t you just love the word practise/practice? One is a noun and the other a verb. Unless you’re American, in which case one of them is just spelled wrong.

Happy Wednesday, wherever you are!

Look at this happy dog. If she can get it right, so can you!


Featured image c/o

Maggie Moon


For a little more of Maggie’s words, try Amazon UK for her new book, Self-Torture for Dummies, a poetic tale of love and witchy magick.


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