Choose happiness because it can’t choose you

This witch is currently experiencing a raising of her spiritual consciousness. This has been ongoing for a few months, although I didn’t know it until now. I can report that it is an initially painful process, but the less you resist, the easier it becomes, and the light is very bright on the other side.

Sounds like a load of bollocks? It isn’t. And not only that, it is an active process. If my resistance had continued, I would most certainly not be feeling as amazing as I do right now. You have to engage with your own uplift, or you won’t get off the ground. Plodding on is all very well, but sometimes you have to take a leap.

Something happened to me in 2014 that forced me to step through the barrier of ‘faith’ and into the light of ‘realisation’. Magick does exist, it is real, it does work, and very ordinary people that you really wouldn’t expect to are working it every single day. However, it seems to me that those who are not regular adherents to witchery are inclined to use it only in negative or emergency situations; there is another, gentler, more fulfilling side to take account of, and I wanted you to consider that.

Ritual can help

Now, you don’t have to start performing rituals and waving dead chickens around in the air, but it helps. Or at least the daily mundane rituals do. Can’t speak for the dead chickens. But even the tiniest ritual can be a little bit magickal. Just look up to the sky in the morning every morning when you head to work, and feel outwards into the multiverse. Acknowledge its thereness and your tiny-speckness and be in The Now. Be grateful for your nowness and your newness.

What I’ve learned is that there is no happy-ever-after unless you choose it. Even if you get to be with the partner of your dreams, even if you have 2.4 children and plenty of money in the bank; even if you have everything you ever wanted … you won’t be happy until you choose to be.

So be happy. Use rituals or don’t. But be happy.

I choose happy!

Bright blessings!

Maggie Moon

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