The ‘Thank You’ Experiment; improve your life the easy way

I’m trying a little experiment with my habits, to see what changes in my life. Small changes to anything make big results, and it’s the regularity which binds the change.

Some scientist (Tesla or whoever) said that if you commit to a changed habit for 31 days, you’ve made it. Works for anything. Stopping smoking, taking up meditation, piano practice, you name it.

I’ve made a lot of small changes very suddenly in the past month, and this has been one of them (only about 3 days in the making) and I’m already noticing a more positive feel about my day.

Say ‘Thank you’.

NO, I mean, that’s what I do. I say ‘thank you’. A lot.

It’s the first thing I say when I get up in the morning, something I say to the dog many times, and I tell it to the spirits in the ether a lot too. Now, my spiritual world might bear no resemblence to yours, but the point is the same whatever spirituality you have. Or if you have none.

The Point

Saying ‘thank you’ a lot sparks up gratitude. Gratitude isn’t something you can put on. It’s an emotion, and you either feel it or you don’t.

It isn’t just about making your life feel more positive (although that’s what happened to me). It seems to infiltrate every part of your day, and there’s so much to smile about and feel grateful for.

Don’t get me wrong, my life isn’t a nest of silver spoons, I’m on the breadline 80% of the year, but when you really look at what you have, in terms of experiences, relationships with people and pets, and when you’ve received the kindnesses of people sometimes, there really is something to be grateful for.

It’s not about the things you buy to fill up  your house and display your personality, it’s about the stuff money can’t buy.

Our genes, our upbringing, the way we relate to people, the way we deal with issues and aim for our futures . . . we can’t always help the way we’re made. So hell, we’re lucky when things turn out okay.

Nothing’s ever gonna be perfect, doesn’t matter how hard you try, so why not appreciate the things you have, the way you have them?

The experiment continues . . .

Thank you for reading!

Maggie Moon

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