Positivity is the only way

Sorry folks, today it’s a post about spirituality, Maggie-style!

Here’s the thing: yesterday I didn’t write a post because I felt fed-up, and pissed-off, and, to be honest, a bit isolated. You know, those days when you can’t find something you want to do, but you want to do something. But nothing suits.

So, here’s what I did:

I called up a Positivity Angel and asked it to send me positivity all day today. And that happened, almost immediately. It got me out of my bed and into the sunshine of the day, and hell, it’s a lovely day and life is good!

Now, you don’t have to do anything daft like requesting help from helping angels (although feel free to do so if you want), but this type of mundane magick is available for all, and there are other less ‘modal’ ways of obtaining the benefits.

Just ask the Universe.

Surely that’s sufficiently non-denominational even for atheists? 🙂

Just say: “Please send me positivity all day long today. Thank you.”

When you get your positivity, or when you remember, or when you notice that you’re suddenly looking at a funner, more positive day for no real reason, say thank you again. It’s only polite.

Try it! You can’t suck it without trying it, right? 🙂

Have a beautiful Friday, folks, and thanks again for reading MWAH!X

Maggie Moon


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