The power of intention, and how it will make you happy

When I was 6, I learned that if I pointed my finger at my bike, after I had thrown it up against the wall in whatever mangled state, and told it ‘stay!’ in no uncertain terms, it didn’t matter what twisted heap it was, it would remain standing against the wall. Every single time.

That was when I first cottoned-on to the power of intention. I just didn’t know what to call it.

When I was about 12, my little brother ‘ran away’, accompanied by his friend and a £20 note they’d procured from his friend’s mother. I rode my bike to the far end of town, praying out loud all the way that I would find them.

I did. And made a mess of getting them to come back with me.

When I was 18, I discovered that if I pointed at a spider and explained to it in a ‘teacher tone’ that it could stay but I didn’t want to see it again, it would vanish a few minutes later, and generally wouldn’t turn back up. (You can’t always tell if it’s the same spider or a new one that looks identical).

The Point

The point is this: if you want something, and you want it bad enough …. If, with enough justified, commanding intention, you say so out loud, and mean it … You will get it.

It has to be meaningful; has to have an emotional grip on you somewhere; you have to believe that you can and should have it.

Doesn’t matter if you think it’s possible or not; it’s about how much you want it. Nothing that lasts comes easy; nothing easy lasts, so rest assured, you’ll still have to work for it.

I just find that saying it out loud usually helps the outcome become more sure.

It’s part of the drive that keeps you going when you’re working on your dream; it’s the passion behind why you stay up till 2am and get up at 7am every day. It’s the power of intention that gives successful people seemingly limitless strength.

Parping about, not really doing it properly (whatever ‘it’ is for you) isn’t going to cut it, whether you’re commanding a spider to leave the house forever “Take your little knapsack and your sad eyes and get out of this house forever … Awww bless, go on then, just hide for god’s sake,” or designing the next top selling app.

How hungry are you?

Even something as inherently solitary and ‘at your own speed’ as writing a book needs the kind of drive that could power a spaceship. Even if it takes you 3 years to write the bloody thing. Even if you take breaks from it. I wrote a novel under another name; I used to take 3 month vacations from my book, but the intention was always there, niggling at me, dragging me back till I’d finished. An intention that I’d harboured for about 25 years.

That drive and intention is part of me. I’m a hungry person. Not all the time, but essentially, and so are you.

It’s not what you’ve got that counts (everyone has drive and intention); it’s the way you use it 😉

Tiny ways, big ways, all you do is say what you want. And say thank you when you get it.

How can you use yours?

Maggie Moon

Image c/o Inventor of a new way to read ebooks.


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