Anger. It’s what you do with yourself that counts.

Oh boy. It’s been one of those days today. The kind where everything you drop lands on your exposed foot; where people seem to crawl under your skin and poke you till you pop. And where it’s not them, it’s you.

That kind of day. I think the ladies might guess a little better than the men as to what’s going on with me. 😉

I’m ready to rant. Past ready, in fact. And this is post-meditation.

The rant

Listen up, folks, positivity has to be worked at; it doesn’t always just happen by itself!

It’s no good sitting there thinking ‘yeah, it’s all very well for her, sitting there in her nice warm house, not at everyone’s beck and call, calls herself a writer blah-blah-blah’. It doesn’t matter what your life’s choices and accidents have been, being positive has nearly nothing to do with them.

And do you know what? The day wasn’t half as bad as it would have been if I wasn’t hellbent on feeling the happy.

Last night I glanced through some of the personal emails I sent last year, and realised that I had been depressed. I even remember a few days here and there where I just lay on the sofa, a writhing mass of anxiety, and couldn’t even make myself food. Lying there hungry. Couldn’t get up in the morning, but boy could I stay up at night.

Well woe. Was. Me.

Not any more.

Despite today’s banged hands, the websites that make you sign up before you’ve read three words, the zits, and the weirdness that is the dog not eating again, Tuesday had some good stuff, and here it is:

The Good Stuff

Today, Floss (dog) and I managed to get our walk done in the most perfect window of cold, bright, and beautiful winter’s day. As we arrived back to our car, the weather decided to ping hailstones on our town, and as far as I know it’s still doing it. How lucky were we?

I got my morning work done. I got some of my afternoon work done (it took more research than expected), and dinner was weird but tasty. Roast chickpeas and veggies. Roast chickpeas go kinda chewy.

And the fire started first time.

I made pickled shallots for someone (with extra chilli flakes), and tinkered on the piano keyboard for an hour.

Oh, and I managed to pay only £1.96 for a book that isn’t even out till Thursday, thanks to £3.50 being left on an old voucher from last year’s birthday. That was a nice surprise, since it was an impulse buy. I’m glad I remembered about the book token.

I tell you, positivity is in the small things, and contentment is the absence of drama in your life. Those two concepts are linked.

Positivity is the mindfulness that appreciates the fact that the sun is shining and that the hailstones you can see in the distance aren’t going to get between you and the car.

It’s about feeling a teeny bit happier when someone says hello as they pass you in the street, or even just gives you a little nod or a smile. That’s right, folks, out in the countryside, and up North (can’t speak for the rest of the country), pedestrians who don’t know each other say hello as they pass in the street. And it’s actually nice, not in a sentimental way, but in the sharing of positive energy.

I guess positivity is about living in the moment, appreciating each one, instead of rueing the ones that are annoying.

So let’s get on with it! Onwards and upwards!

Thanks for reading!

Maggie Moon

Image  c/o where you can also buy Carrie Patel’s The Buried Life with a book token if you have one. Or for money. DRM-free.


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