Get rid of daily negativity out of your life

Every day is a learning day, and when you’re opening yourself up to the weirdness of the spiritual – even if you’re doing it so that the ordinary mundane world can be enhanced by it – you do start noticing how the spiritual connects to the mundane.

See, negativity has always been described to me as a kind of tarry nastiness that clings to you. Thing is, I never ‘saw’ it in action till today.

At a friend’s house today, there was another visitor; a family member. Within about 10 minutes of me arriving, that person left, saying it was because I was there, but not making it my fault. She made it my friend’s fault, somehow. Not sure how. Just implication and abruptness.

Of course, my friend was a bit perturbed, asking me why she always does that kind of thing. As if I knew! I only met the woman today! Over the course of the hour I was there, he returned to the subject three times; it was obviously playing on his mind.

When I’d arrived there, I’d been high and happy as a kite flying in the warm stratosphere over some plain in India. By the time I left, I wasn’t quite the same. In my mind’s eye, the sticky tarry substance had very lightly covered me, and my friend.

Burn sage for safe return to your positive state

Sage-&-Cedar-7in-When I got home, I got out a large sage stick (see picture) and got it smouldering. Eventually. It takes me bloody ages to do this, I don’t know how other people do it! Before I had even got more than a few limp puffs of smoke out of it, the fire alarm went off in the hallway. Most peculiar. I knocked it off, and carried on.

I filled the room with smoke and Lemniscates (see below), and took the stick upstairs. Walked into the bedroom, started to smudge the room, then decided to put the light on. The lightbulb burst with a bang and landed in the glass bowl-shaped shade beneath it. And obviously, all the lights went out in the house.

I carried on smudging the room in pitch darkness, came downstairs, finished off, and knocked the fusebox switch back on.

What does this tell me?

Apart from it telling me that the house is safely wired and fused to help avoid fires (hooray), I suspect that either the yack that I was cleaning off myself transferred to the electrics, or there was something unpleasant (but not too powerful) in my house that didn’t want me smudging the place.

5 minutes later, I felt much more like my cheerful self of this morning, so even if I’m a crackpot who thinks witches and magick is real (as if, right?), I got a real uplift in my mood; the subjective feeling of wellbeing that sage smoke brings, plus oodles of positive happiness.

Wanna try it?

Go on, burn a little sage! It’s an age-old technique to literally clear the air! You can get it here at this cute little witchy store, Morrigans. I imagine you’ll be better at getting it to smoulder than me.

How to smudge your space with sage

Alan Joel at the Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic says that you should travel round your room clockwise, starting and ending at East. In the centre of each wall, (including alcove walls), you draw a Lemniscate symbol – you know, the  – like a Number 8 on its side. You also do it on shiny surfaces including mirrors, picture frames and so on.

Finish off in the East, sort of drawing your over the top of the original one. That’s it. Five or ten minutes later, you too could be feeling much more happy and relaxed.

And don’t forget to open some windows and doors to the outside world, so you let the negativity out with the smoke (and don’t set off the smoke alarm).

You don’t have to believe in it but you should always try everything. If you think it worked … well … it’s just unexplainable, isn’t it? Read more about traditional smudging here.

Bright blessings!

Maggie Moon

Image c/o


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