Attract positivity into your life

The level of your being attracts the level of your life.

Think about that statement for a moment. What’s your life like, on the hoohah scale? Hoohah is the trauma of daily living (up to other people’s expectations) combined with dramatic problems that won’t seem to go away.

Contentment is what happens when you live your life without drama.

On a scale of zero to hoohah, my life right now is zero. It really is. I keep trying to think of some disaster currently taking place, but there is none.

Sounds boring? It isn’t! This is one of those scales where closer to zero gets you nearer the prize.

The prize is peace.

The level of my life right now is peace. Sure, there are challenges to deal with, but I refuse to call them issues.

Using the word ‘challenges’ to describe problems doesn’t make me an artsy-fartsy ‘hello sky, hello clouds’ sort of person; it’s just that now I know for sure: there is no problem that can’t ultimately be worked through with the right attitude.

Reflective thinking helps, but mindfulness is the key.

So: the level of your being attracts the level of your life.

If you battle through your daily existence, pulled on all sides by people you care deeply for, as well as others not so much, well … read on!

Meditation is pretty difficult for people to master, but it’s easy to try. It’s about getting your mind cleared up, whether you sit in front of a lone tealight flame for 20 minutes, or talk your problems out as you walk the dog.*

Meditation is about giving yourself downtime, to receive information that may help you. Sort of widens your mind. It’s worth doing.

What’s the level of your life?

I saw that old meme again today, the one about how life isn’t about getting to the grave in a pristine condition, it’s about skidding in sideways, screaming “what a ride!”

It still slightly misses the point, though. The elation isn’t about having loads of excitement and drama in your life. Whatever you find yourself doing, it’s about how you experience it that counts. If you actively enjoy yourself in every circumstance, or find the opportunity to make it a bit better if it’s not that enjoyable, it doesn’t matter what you do.

If you think you need a bit more excitement, go ahead, do something that excites you. But all the time, savour every moment, look for something positive whenever you feel the doubt creeping in. Be mindful. That’s what it’s about.

If you put out and absorb inwards a positive message, you’re going to attract positive things.

So let’s go, folks!

Maggie Moon

Image c/o

* If you talk out your problems and worries for the first half, and quietly for the last part of the walk, you may find the answers come to you).

Credit given to T. Alan Joel for walking meditation and my source for ‘level of your being’ statement.


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