The kindnesses of others

Kindness is one of those understated concepts that often goes unnoticed – sometimes even by the person receiving it. But it has a big place in a world of positivity.

Kindness is an action or an inaction, a verbalised comment or something left unsaid. It’s an orange, peeled for someone who was struggling; a smile after an awkward situation; a mother who makes the spare room into a gold and white girly-princess room because only the daughter lives away from home.

Sometimes it’s harder than that. Sometimes it’s telling a person something that they don’t want to accept. I spent several years at University breaking up with my best friend’s boyfriends for her. It was better for them that they knew. Maybe I had her permission to do that. I can’t even remember any more 🙂 *Yep, I may be the friend from hell*

A drowning man clutches at straws; surely it’s better if someone tells him that they won’t help him float? At least that way he can remember he needs to swim.

Whether it’s delivered as tough love, or with the tenderness of babies, I love to appreciate other people’s kindnesses. I reflect back on the things people do for me – especially the unexpected kindnesses – and it makes me feel lucky. Just today I got two little ‘spell kits’ in a parcel of smudge sticks that I’d ordered from Morrigans, a kind gift from my friend who runs the shop.

Three people have bought my coal for me this winter. Two of them aren’t related to me. Have you seen the price of coal in the UK?

Those are all quite big kindnesses, but then there was the boy who picked up a shell from the seashore for me because he knew my back was sore, and washed it in a rockpool before giving it to me. Of all the things he gave me, that one meant the most. No big gesture, just a bunch of little ones that meant I wouldn’t try to bend down when I couldn’t.

See? It comes in all sorts of guises – you have to be on the ball to spot it sometimes – but kindness is well worth appreciating.

I think we should have a Kindness Appreciation Day.

Bright blessings!

Maggie Moon


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