Till then

Don't be afraid

Actions in life
Speak louder than words
But words were what I hoped for.
Not promises (smoke on wind
Drifted smells of wonderful things),
Not regrets (the saddest things
Worse than the terrible happenings),
But quiet words with feeling
Without sentiment
Without gushing and
Without the use of the word


Three pages
Three minutes
Of shaking, trembling happiness
And fear.
Just enough words
To keep you dear
To me,
My love.

And all that I can say to thee, is
truth and honesty.
Open transparency
That anyone can see.

Commitment to our choices
Whatever they are
No matter what.
If that’s what you want,
That’s what.

And now
We wait
With bated breath
To see what on earth
Will happen next,
Hands a-sweat
Nothing more to be said
For now.

Till then.

Maggie Moon

Image c/o Wikimedia Commons


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