Whatever I write

Whatever I write
Will be the wrong thing
Whatever I do
When I try to think
How to explain the
Depths of my feelings
How to describe the
Churning within when
I’m not allowed to
Show I love you.

I’m not in a place
Where I’m lost and sad,
Enjoying, instead,
What peace can be had.
Dramatics are cheap
Like gas from a bag
But when can we both
Take an equal drag
And smile and crying
Say I love you?

So now that you’re gone
And your life is free
How does it feel now
To be without me?
It’s great out at first
A bird on the wing
Do you love being alone?
Can you cope, long term?
Of course you can, it’s
Why I love you.

You’ve no need for another
And that’s the point.

I don’t want to be needed.
I want to be wanted.

Maggie Moon


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