Feel the love: Tibetan singing bowls

If you’ve read many of my earlier posts, you’ll know I consider myself to be experiencing a ‘spiritual awakening’ or ‘spiritual evolution’ right now. This is an ongoing process that has changed the way I approach life, amongst other things.

I made a series of small, but hopefully permanent changes to the way I live, because I know that a small change inside of me will create huge changes to my external life. So far, so good. I get on with other people better, I feel good most of the time, I am ‘present’ in my life most of the time (not thinking too much about the past or the future) and life in general has taken a turn for the better. Those big externalisations have been happening!

One of the changes I made was to introduce daily meditative practice. I found that if I did something different each day; maybe a guided meditation one day, contemplative candle-staring another, casting a happiness spell over my home on a darker day, or learning about something new, like crystals, or tarot cards; the sum of all of these things was aimed to continue the good work I was doing on myself.

Last week, I thought maybe I was overdoing it, so I missed a couple of days.

I didn’t notice any negative alterations to myself or the way I was feeling, so I guess I felt okay about it, and I’m not keen to introduce guilt into my spiritual practice, so I didn’t waste time on those kinds of thoughts.

However, today I felt the need to meditate. And I’ve never felt that before. I put it ahead of the rest of my evening activities without even contemplating an alternative. I was keen to do something progressive, so I wasted a good 30 minutes skimming through YouTube to find something that resonated with me.

In the end, I came back to the Tibetan Singing Bowls, by templesounds. There are two versions of each chakra meditation by templesounds. The one I have linked to above is the one where the bloke instructs the listener, but the other version is without words and I love that one just as much.

The revelation

Doing this meditation for the first time in at least a couple of weeks, I realised what happens as you listen. By opening up your heart chakra (like a green spinning ball or a green lotus flower) and reaching outwards to all the people in the world  – not just those you know you love, but everyone – you attract a huge amount of positive love back towards you.

But how do you open your heart chakra?

Concentrate some attention on your heart area, and maybe imagine your chakra down there, spinning away.

Think about someone you really love. Your mum, favourite brother, your lover, a friend, whoever.

Think about the way that feels, almost physically, around the edges of your being. To me it’s like the tips of my energy field are lit up, like there’s an outline of light around me, except that it’s not light; it’s love.

And once you’re aware of your love and your light and the way it makes you feel inside, concentrate on maintaining those feelings.

Expand the feelings outwards; send your light out – not away, just outwards. Still feeling love, think about the world of people out there. Fixate on a country, or a group of people, or some people you know; whatever lights your candle 😉

In a really quiet space, somewhere in your being (remembering that your inner space is infinite, while your external space is not), access the gentle hum of love. It’s like connecting to a battery, but instead of pulsed electricity, it’s pure joy.

Think about that. Pure joy. Out there for you to grab hold of, any time you like.

Bright blessings!

Maggie Moon

Image c/o templesounds.net


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