How to raise your vibrations (and easily feel happier)

Today I discovered Teal Swan and her massive number of videos on YouTube. And since it’s my duty to drag you through my journey of self-discovery and offer you ways to help yourself, I’ve posted below the particular video I watched tonight. I’m going to have a lot of fun sifting through her vids and seeing what else I like.

Raising your vibrations

A lot of self-help and spiritual books talk about your vibrations and your frequency, and if you’re familiar with that being a reference to your body’s energies, then you’re on the same wavelength as me.

But how do you raise your vibrations?

My mum asked me that once, years ago. There’s a monthly Wiccan rite called Drawing Down the Moon. It’s a full moon ritual, and the copy that me and my mum have tells you to raise your vibrations.

Neither of us had any clue, but we figured, if you concentrate on what you’re doing, and all your intentions are light and bright and beautiful, that surely has to do the job?

Well, according to Ms. Swan, it’s even more simple than that. All you do is think positive, happy thoughts, and feel the emotions. Feel happy, feel in love, feel loving. Remember what I wrote in my post about Feeling the Love and sending it outside of yourself? Same thing. Actively feeling love for the world.

We’re on the right track, guys! 🙂

If you get a negative thought, observe it. Notice it. Don’t resist it and feel angry and frustrated that you’re thinking it … just look at it.

I find myself doing that a lot lately. I’m one of those drivers that just wishes for open, clear roads, so as a consequence, I nearly always get stuck behind three tourist cars and a double hay wagon. In fact, when I worked in an office, I got such a hang-up about being late and getting stuck behind things that I nearly always manifested an endless slow line of traffic to follow, just as I was getting into my car. Completely involuntarily and, of course, much to my massive frustration.

And that’s why noticing your thoughts, including the negative ones, is a great idea. That negative I always get stuck behind something, I can’t believe how late I am *cry* actually manifests into real life.

Now, I don’t know if I’m the only one in the world who does this (something tell me that’s unlikely), but some of my negative thoughts are horrible, not just mean things about a less confident driver in front of me. About people and animals I love, dying horrible, unnatural deaths.

Obviously I don’t want to manifest anything like that. But if you connect emotionally to the thought, and start feeling the sadness and grief that you would feel if it was real, it picks up power and strength from that.

But we’re on to it, so it won’t get away with that now!

Scrub out the negativity

I have a method for ‘scrubbing out the thought’ that I picked up from some witchy book 20 years ago. As soon as I realise what I have thought, instead of feeling the emotion that you might expect to come with that horrible, negative piece of nasty, I splash an X of white paint across the image or the words and release it. I don’t have to try not to think it again. If it comes back, I do the same thing again. No biggie.

Teal Swan mentions the Observing Mind, where she describes how you stand back from your thoughts when you get a negative one, turn it over without judging it, and release it.

That’s basically what the white paint X does, and it gives you something active to imagine, rather than having to figure out what ‘turning over the thought without judgement’ actually means.

Once the thought is covered by the white paint, there’s nothing to look at anyway; the whole thing is a mess, white paint and messed up nasty thought all over the place, so there’s no point in holding on to it. So let go. Release it.

Happy thoughts, folks!

Bright blessings!

Maggie Moon

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