Ditch your faith and embrace understanding instead!

Today  I am drawn to this quote:

“Forget about faith!” Chiang said it time and again. “You didn’t need faith to fly, you needed to understand flying. This is just the same. Now try again …”

It’s taken from Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, a wonderful novella by Richard Bach that seems to expand with significant meaning every time I read it.

I was explaining my spiritual uplift to a friend of almost 20 years the other night; we haven’t seen each other in something like 5 years, and although she knew I’d always been ‘witchy’ she hadn’t known about the new world in which I now live.

Faith for me, turned into a big nothing when I walked up the steps out of my back door to perform a ritual to save my own life, late last year. When I started up the steps, I was still wrapped up in faith, because in my world at the time, although I’d seen a few odd things that might indicate a different paradigm, I couldn’t count those things as ‘evidence’ because they could be so easily explained in terms of real world actuality. I had planned my ritual all day; taken time and care over it, because I didn’t know what else I could do to deal with the issues that had risen in my life as a direct result of someone else’s jealousy and paranoia.

But when I asked my ancestors for their protection, they came. They were there, in the ether, as solid as you or I, and with such deep and meaningful love, I couldn’t ignore or refute it. As the actions of the ritual turned back the hatred that someone else had hurled at me, the real world was directly and undeniably affected. Things kept happening. Wonderful things. And I caused no harm elsewhere.

For me, the barrier of faith was no more, from the first two steps I took up and out of that door that night.

The magic and soulfulness of the world does still exist. It is still there. It is bound up with the Real as much as you and I. We don’t have to ‘believe’; just open our eyes and try to understand it. Because the more we try, the more we will see; and the moment when we step through the barrier of faith and see that our world and ‘that’ world are one and the same, intermingled and gloriously entwined, is the moment when our fragmented lives can come together in love and trust and joy.

What’s the spiritual message, then?

The message isn’t that you should drop everything and become ‘witchy’. Of course not. All roads lead to the same place; it matters not how you get there. Interpret the world according to what you think; learn to understand how it works. You don’t need faith for a spiritual uplift; you need to understand how to raise your own consciousness. No-one else can do it for you. A preacher can inspire you, but he or she can’t lift your consciousness for you.

When the pieces come together like an ethereal jigsaw; when the world suddenly makes sense on a level that you never expected; that’s when your spiritual uplift has begun.

Bright blessings!

Maggie Moon

Image c/o www.onedancetribe.com


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