You can meditate every day. For the rest of your life.

Seriously. It’s the everdayness that brings the benefits.

I watched this video today, and realised it is the second kick up the bum I’ve had from the ether in the last week.

Leo tells us that in meditating every day, the habit of quietening the monkey mind enables us to create the mindfulness that changes our lives. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re rubbish at it. Just do it.

It’s the process – the whole twenty minute process – that matters. It doesn’t matter if you find yourself thinking; just let the thoughts go when you realise you’re thinking again, and distance yourself from them again.

Keep trying to still the ‘crazy drunk, stung monkey’ and keep letting the thoughts go as best you can. For twenty minutes every day, come what may.

Try Leo’s suggestion of the 30-day challenge, and see if you find yourself to be different.

Be blessed!

Maggie Moon

Image c/o


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