5 ways to improve your spiritual hygiene (yes, really)

Apologies for the hiatus, folks, but life has been wonderfully non-dramatic and ordinary. Little to write about on a spiritual level. There’s something comforting about ordinary. The mundaneities of everyday living bring a kind of Zen to the mind, and I’ve been doing exactly as I said in my last post: meditating every day for 20 minutes, without fail.

Okay, I’ve had a couple of fails, but I don’t feel bad about those. I’ve also had a brief emotional meltdown, which is why I write this article now.

One thing I’ve come to realise is that when spiritual hygiene is lacking, dramas start to creep in, so here’s my latest offering on the road to enlightenment, Maggie Moon style.

Improve your spiritual hygiene and uplift your life

So, spiritual hygiene. What’s that?

Spiritual hygiene is about keeping your multi-dimensional space clean. The yak of everyday misery, the jealousy, irritation and stress that so many people suffer from, all of this sort of forms like The Fog to clog up your systems and everything around you.

It’s a really good idea to clean up all that space around us on a regular basis. Here are a few ways to do that.

1. Wash yourself

Of course you wash! Most people do, but I reckon once a week, maybe on a ‘fed up’ day, a salt bath is a great idea. A couple of handfuls of proper sea or rock salt is best, mind; no chemicals in there till you wash your hair. When you get out of the bath, don’t pull the plug until your feet are both on the bathroom floor.

2. Wash your clothes (and hang outside)

If you’ve got a favourite sweater or cardi that you wear indoors all the time, don’t forget to wash it regularly. It goes with you through everything; you probably need to keep it cleaner than most pieces of clothing. Soak it in soda crystals, if the fabric will take it, and hang it out in a breeze and the summer sun.

3. Give your home a shine

I recently tidied my handbag out; I realise that was a sign of me needing to clear things out a bit. Must be three years since I did that last. My home is the same. It began to get very untidy last week, so I hit it on Sunday and felt much better. Mess is stress! I should know! I find this one pretty hard to do.

4. Smudge your moods away

Smudging really helps. Regular smudging seems to have a cumulative effect. The reason I know is because I did it daily for months. Then I ran out of sage for a short while, and then I didn’t get back into the daily habit again. Until this week. Let’s just say I feel a lot, LOT better today.

5. Burn incense and ensure nothing lingers

The smoke from the incense as well as the sage, helps to drive out any nasty fogness that has managed to cling on. The reasons for this might be that the smudging wasn’t thorough enough, or that the fog is quite strong. Incense like copal, frankincense and dragonsblood are all powerful cleansers of space. You can buy this kind of stuff at websites like Morrigans or find it at New Age type shops anywhere in the UK.

If you’ve never done any of these things, you stand to be amazed at the difference they can make to your everyday life. Everything just seems to be nicer and easier all the time.

Bright blessings!

Maggie Moon

Image c/o Joy Xi


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