Spiritual practices (whatever they are) have to come first. Here’s why:

It makes no difference whether you pray to God, meditate with the Buddha, or dance in the light of the moon, whatever you do that connects you to the Source, you need to put it first. In your day and in your mind.

See, spiritualism isn’t just for one special day of the week; if you do it every day, regularly, you notice the benefits pretty quickly. There’s an absence of drama, and a contentment to build when you aren’t firefighting every problem that comes along.

It appears almost as if crappy things don’t happen any more, but I think it is something a bit more personal. The crappy things continue to present themselves, but how you handle them from the outset is completely different. Instead of dealing with them you get them to dissolve.

So meditate, pray, smudge every day. Be a slave to your practice (but remember to enjoy it). It keeps you safe, steadies your life, and brings in all the luck you could ever need.

Happy Lughnasadh!

Maggie Moon

Image c/o www.karmagrove.com


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