REVELATION: How to reap the benefits of ‘being present’ every day

I’ve had a revelation. It’s a minor one, because I kinda knew it already, but no less life altering for that.

I think I’m experiencing the first major effects on my life from meditating every day. I know I said that I already noticed positive changes from the first few days I began doing that, but now it’s for real. This is big. BIG.

What is ‘being present’

‘Being present’ is literally living in the present moment. Nothing can hurt you. No-one will come and ‘get’ you. No worries really matter right now. Everything is okay. (I am a worrier, your needs may be different).

That might be easy to say, coming from a woman of reasonably sound mind and body. What if everything isn’t okay? What if something really shit is happening to you right now?

Well here’s the thing: being present stops that stuff from happening in the first place. All that grot doesn’t have to exist. You don’t have to feel bad about anything.

All you have to be is right here, in your shoes, right now. Not thinking or worrying or wondering about the future and the past. Not even worrying about that altercation with a woman last Sunday. Or the next crazy thing your mother’s gone and done. Or the rent. None of that. It’s all about the present moment. The Now is there to be grabbed.

Grab it.

What are the benefits of ‘living in the Now’?

Words come more easily. Thoughts are more coherent and connected. It’s as if there’s a bank of knowledge or information out there in the ether, and when you’re fully present, you’re plugged into that bank with thousands of tiny power cords.

Good things happen. Every day has new joys. I know how it sounds, but it’s bloody true.

On a more realistic-sounding note, I find I’m more productive, more useful, and I have more sensible things to say. (But wonderful things keep happening too).

I care less about things that don’t really matter so much and that makes a difference to my quality of life because I’m happier for it. It’s like being super-aware and not bothered, both at the same time.

How do you become ‘present’ and ‘right now’?

I’ve got something that could help you, but I can’t tell you how to make it a permanent state of being. When I become aware that I’m not present, I do it. I remind myself constantly. It’s my new obsession.

My guess is that the state of being present is more likely to become permanent if you keep on doing it. We’re in it for the long haul.

Like the meditation thing and the ‘being happy’ thing, it’s a full life change, and will take practice. It’s totally worth the initial effort.

It starts with centring and grounding.

EDIT: Removed the Centring and grounding section at the end of this post and reworked it into a permanent page for the blog, here.

Maggie Moon

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