Blood moon, witchcraft, and war.

A bit of a weird post, but I felt I had to write it.

Blood moon over Huddersfield

This beautiful blood moon image was taken by my old friend, Gain Lee, an astronomer in Huddersfield. Given the associations of red and orange (think passion, fire, bombs, explosions, anger, sex and so on), it’s no surprise that people have historically and globally been terrified by this beautiful and terrible portent.

The usual small crowd of prophets have said their pieces about the end of the world and disaster for humankind, and even the Mormon Church issued a statement calling for calm amongst its ranks. Like I said, fear is a natural result of a blood moon, if for no other reason than that many people don’t understand it.

The terrors of war

Instead of taking me down the road of doom-filled prophecies and future terror, Gain’s picture got me thinking about a very clear and present terror that this moon looks over. The spectre of war has had our world by the throat for centuries though it’s worse than ever with the machines of war. Check this Reddit post if you want to examine that claim further.

Why is war the international political tool of choice? What does it gain? The answer is, in part, that war is a means to an end. The strategy game to end them all. Or it’s supposed to be.

There’s a catch.

War is no longer just a means to an end on a political stage. It also has a business end. The endless barrage of weapons is a constant stream of reliable income for the companies that build them. The results of the wars are that the winners are companies enabled to pillage countries for their fossil fuels and minerals.

The mechanised remote murders, displaced people, and increasingly obese bank accounts have dehumanised war altogether. They have destabilised whole countries with the flick of a few switches.

Wherever we see war, we should seek to understand it. Even if you aren’t interested in politics – it isn’t just about politics any more.

Whether you meet it in the form of displaced people, on the News, on Facebook or wherever, try to look behind the face and see the reasons why those people are there. If you’re lucky enough to live without war in your daily life, you owe everyone else this much.

Witchcraft spirituality and the Morrigan

There’s a witchy reason for this semi-political rant. It probably sounds nuts, but I was recently helped by a battle goddess, the Morrigan.

I’ve sensed her for some time – the daily meditaton may make me bombproof yet! – but because I’m as good as blind on the astral plane, it took me a while to understand. I was pretty surprised. I’ve rarely made any evocations to specific deities, and there’s nothing special about me.

One of the things I’ve learned this year is that if you ask for help, you are asked for something in return. Sometimes all that is requested is gratitude. Not so the Morrigan. She has an agenda.

She wants a large number of people to shout STOP! No more war. No more making money from the deaths of frightened ordinary people. No more of any of it! There has to be a better world to live in than this.

So many people have been driven out of their homes by reckless bombing, and all sides are to blame.

This is a message from the Morrigan. That is why this post is unusually political.

I’m not the only person by far who has picked up this feeling that this is what is being asked of us. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Head down and daily meditation seems to be the only course of obvious action.

Oh, and keeping on smiling!

Weird and wonderful times.

Blessed be!

Maggie Moon


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