Why do people use magick in 2015?

I’m the dubiously proud owner of a copy of that vile and infamous book, Malleus Malleficarium. I haven’t made it past the Second Question in the book itself, but I managed to read the long and complex 1927 introduction, by Montague Summers, whose translation made this particular copy available.

At one point, he muses that 1600s witchcraft seemed to be used a great deal in politics, but he wonders why this is.

Mr. Summers missed the point. People use magic to influence situations that they otherwise would be able to do nothing about.

Even in 2015 there are people in situations where they feel powerless. Not just involving politics; I imagine there is more of a prevalence of love or money spells than there are of Presidential Election influencers.

Now, I’m all for using magic wisely and often. Especially to make your own life brighter in tiny, wonderful ways. The more practiced someone is, the better they will be at it, and to me it’s better that people who know what they’re doing use it, than desperate wildcards who haven’t a clue what’s going to happen.

However, there are many more dabblers than practitioners, so if you’re thinking about using a love spell to drag back the love of your life, or contemplating the next lottery draw with diamonds in your eyes, this article is for you.

Ethical witchcraft

Magic isn’t black or white. Magic is neutral. It’s energy manipulation, pure and simple. Fed by the person’s intention, it takes the easiest, most direct route to produce a result based on the spellcaster’s intention. The more sharp and intense the intention, the better the result. Why do you think there has been a large number of posts about meditation on this blog? šŸ™‚

If your intention is fogged up with crazy-in-love, jealousy, rejection, fear of the future, anger, greed, or even mental illness, you’ll find that you probably don’t get the results you expect. At best you’ll find no change to your situation, but that’s unlikely.

With months of serious meditative practice, a lot of time spent ‘being present’, and soul searching, it’s possible to rise out of many of the negative states of mind mentioned above, and really make something of the use of magic, if that’s what you’re interested in.

Otherwise it’s best left alone, because magic that breaks the rules of the Universe takes a pound of flesh from the wielder. There are too many pitfalls. The types of morality that many of us have grown up with stem from ideals of cleanliness of spirit and body. Keeping your legs closed, and your eyes off the money and things that other people have, that kind of thing.

The Universe isn’t concerned with those types of morals.

The main ethical rule that the Universe appears to swing by is this:

Do not hurt or harm anyone for any reason through magic.

The ‘harm’ term doesn’t just mean physical harm. It also means causing someone to become bound to you, limiting someone’s life in some way. It may mean other stuff too, who knows?

Can you see why it’s so hard to negotiate? Even if you think you’re doing something that will benefit everyone in the long term, you have to take time to really think about the possible consequences of your action.

Even something that has nothing to do with anyone else could bounce back on you if you aren’t clear enough in your mind and your words about what you want.

I’ll give you a mild example: don’t ask for all your bills to be paid, because in the next month you could see every bill you’ve ever escaped.

So, if you’ve got a couple of spells off the internet, or you’re thinking about purchasing a special ring with some kind of magickal entity purportedly bound inside it, take a few weeks or months to really think about what you’re doing and where you’re going. You probably don’t need magick to get what you want, anway.

Magick always takes the most direct route to the outcome of any spell or ritual, so if you cast a spell but there was some obvious way that you could have influenced the situation positively, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself doing just that.

Cast wisely, if at all.

Bright blessings!

Maggie Moon

Image c/o lightlabcreations.com





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