Uplifting post: how to hit the gratitude meter BIG TIME

So I had a swift look over my recent posts, and realised they may come across as a little negative. Okay, maybe even a lot negative. And I promised you uplift, not negativity, so took stock of myself on Tuesday and decided to embrace gratitude more effectively!

Enter this little meditation with useful subliminal messages about how much you are grateful for everything. And it really works. The music may not be anyone’s cup of tea (I don’t see how it can be, really), but every time those bell notes come in (reminds me of a cheesy Christmas song), something in my heart chakra area heightens and takes me into a joyful happy place 🙂

Spent the whole day yesterday thanking the PTB for everything I have, and am determined to a) continue with that and b) give anyone who wants a go a chance at it too.

So here you go: meditation with subliminal happy messages:

Oh, and you might feel a few funny aches and pains in your heart area after doing this meditation. Maybe it’s indigestion …. but I think it’s because this stuff opens up your heart chakra and pains in that area are pretty common when that happens.

Brightest blessings!

Maggie Moon

Image c/o www.adriennedumas.com


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