How the power of being present can be yours

Hey there. Maggie here. It’s been a little while, because I’ve been taking stock of where I am and where I think I’m going. I felt kinda stuck for a few months, but then I realised something:

the spiritual journey is a bit like one of those level-up computer games. When you get stuck every time in a particular location or scenario, it’s because you haven’t found the special key.

So you do your meditation first thing in the morning. You smudge your space with fragrant smoke maybe once a day. You try to stay tidy and organised and ready, but nothing improves. No spiritual messages come through. Insight seems distant and unlikely.

One night, POW!  You realise you had the key all the time.

And that’s where we’re at today.

Being present is the key to everything

Had a frustrating hospital/legal/other appointment? You can change that if you want.

Upcoming exams that you’re dreading? Smooth them over. You can.

Feeling like you’ve no direction in life? What did you always want to do?

You can do it. As long as you’re present when you make your request to the universe.

Why doesn’t everyone just do it if it’s so easy?

Some people do! Lots of people do it by accident. They strongly desire something at a moment when they’re truly within themselves. It’s what you might call ‘sheer force of will’, but as with all arts, the true power and strength is wielded from the tiniest movement.

To do it at will – to be present long enough to state a coherent request – when you need some urgent situation to turn out okay, requires a practiced skill: controlling your own mind.

The problem is, the mind is like a monkey, leaping from branch to branch, making associations and images, seemingly without your bidding. In this state, it’s the antithesis of being present.

One of the most accessible ways to learn to control your monkey mind is through meditation. No-one is barred from learning to meditate, and it’s something simple you can do without any special equipment or prerequisites.

But! It isn’t just sitting there with your eyes closed, waiting for your 20-minute timer alert. Meditation is more like sitting cross-legged in a ripple of the space-time continuum. Over time you learn to be comfortable in the space you find when you close your eyes. To some people, this comfortableness comes naturally. To others, I guess it could take years.

Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in yourself.

And meditation’s easy, right?

Yup, but it’s also hard.

The coolest thing I’ve found about meditation, is this:

Time flies really fast when you’re really present.

So when I practice meditation, I try to stay present for as long as possible. The more present I am, the more doors seem to open within my mind.

I used to think that when you meditated ‘properly’, the way you would always feel would be closer to a dreamlike state. More like getting high than standing with your feet on the ground. But I’m beginning to realise when you meditate in a present way, your feet really connect you to the ground. You’re inside yourself and totally aware of everything, all at the same time.

Meditation is worth the effort

It’s at this point that you can really talk to the universe. Make little requests, even. If it’s a question, you’ll get an answer at some point. If it’s an event, you’ll see it play out (though you don’t always have any control over how). If it’s something you need, it’ll come. If it doesn’t, then maybe you have to look at why. I call this mundane magick. The everyday little irritants, all smoothed out.

It’s no good making those requests the point of meditation or the reason to be present. Being present is it’s own reward, as pompous as that sounds. The empowerment you have in your own life is only part of the experience, but what you take away depends on you.

Always ground and centre

Not only does centring and grounding yourself keep you connected with the earth and therefore safer, it also makes the whole being present thing a lot easier. Once you’re grounded. there’s a different flow of energy around you – you feel more present. I’ve come to the conclusion that you have to be grounded to be present.

Now, here’s the catch: I might be wrong about all this. I don’t have some guru telling me the truths of the Multiverse. I only have myself and my own realisations, and all I can really vouch for is that I’m living through my experiences and this is what I have experienced so far.

So what can you tell me about your forays into meditation and being present?

Brightest blessings!

Maggie Moon

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