Why I stand with the Standing Rock Sioux in spirit

I stand with the Standing Rock Sioux in everything they are trying to achieve right now as they protect clean water against the disgusting ravages of the fracking oil industry.

I send my energies of light and life to the camp in North Dakota. To add my belief, my trust in the earth and the spirits that are in everything, to the power of the water protectors.

If every person in the world sent good energies to the fight of clean water against oil, they would win in no time. The government, the state police, the workers and companies, would find themselves pulling out, giving up and changing what they want. Eventually. Magical energy mostly takes the most obvious, easiest way.

Magic in the world

There have been a few descriptions of Native American elders performing rituals at the front of the crowd. One man was arrested while he was leading a ritual. This isn’t the made-up stuff of the movies, it’s real, tangible, magic being cast. A very earthy tradition, millennia-old, and it works. My feeling is a huge amount of magic is being wrought in North Dakota for the good of the land, and to me, that was confirmed when a massive herd of bison showed up at the camp this week. I imagine the fervent energies of the crowd and their prayers are melding a potent gathering of resistance. The herd may well belong to the people who live on the reservation, but it was strangely good timing for the herd to gallop past as the protectors were being faced down by a small army.

The water protectors could probably use as much helpful, positive energy as you can spare. Let good win out for once and help prevent the literal erosion of the land we live upon. We’ve already wrecked the seas.

Why is North Dakota important right now (and for the future)

Fracking is bad. It involves forcing water deep into rock, fracturing it. Repeatedly, until it runs out of oil. Literally raping the earth of the very last of her resources. It has a highly dubious safety record, and but nonethelesss that safety record is cited as if acceptable throughout the planning applications that abound in the UK now.

The risk management system is inherently fragile, needing only a few factors to cause it to collapse. Safety record or not, it could f*** up at any time. There have already been oil spills across America and South America, poisoning water sources and damaging the environment and wildlife for decades to come. Fracking is not, in any way, safe.

The 1,172-mile North Dakota Pipeline is planned to run under the Missouri River, though I did read they hadn’t yet acquired the permits for that. That’s a very big clean water source for humans, just waiting to be written off as an ‘accident’ in the event of an oil spill.

What could come of the North Dakota Access Pipeline protest?

The outcome of the protest isn’t the only thing that will be important. The behaviour of public bodies of all descriptions during the protest will also influence how future protests will run. Not just in the US.

  • Take the random acts of violence during stand-offs between protectors and militarized police. How much further do those violent acts have to go before the situation becomes defined as a massacre?
  • Now look at Hillary Clinton’s response to a letter delivered by an impassioned teenager as young people protested outside Clinton’s HQ in Brooklyn, New York. Make of that useless response what you will. Maybe she thinks some of those ‘oiligarchs’ might be more influential on her political career than a bunch of has-been indigeneous people.
  • But then think of Bernie Sanders, doing his best to be the voice of firm and reasonable resistance in the face of corporate favouritism. Who can predict how useful that letter will be? Could go either way.
  • Take the US Government, condoning the use of police and state police against protesting people in order to protect private interests.
  • But consider the United Nations response as they appear to be mobilising to observe the situation first hand.
  • And what about attempts to silence the Press? Amy Goodman from DemocracyNow! arrested and threatened with decades in jail, just for being present at a protest. There were others. Open suppression of the Press is a huge worry. It suggests the oppressors believe no-one can stop them.

From the bottom of my heart, I send love and hope and strength to the water protectors at Standing Rock in North Dakota. I hope you will do the same.


Maggie Moon


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