About Maggie Moon

Maggie Moon is a shadowy figure at the back of someone’s mind. She’s strong and forthright, and probably bossy. She’s also a solitary witch learning her craft in an as ethical and responsible a way as possible. She’s a writer of a few persuasions, both poetry and prose, commercial and for the joy of it, and this blog is a chance to let free a few of her favourite subjects (magick, poetry, and love) into the world.

Promised me the world, love

Her first magickal collection of poetry, Self-Torture for Dummies will be published on 1st February 2015. As a whole, it’s a love story, telling of passionate love that was ripped asunder by someone working nasty magic against the lovers. The poems twixt and turn from rhythmic rhymes to freer verses, but there’s a rawness and spontaneity about them that can capture the reader’s attention. Oh, and Maggie drew the title illustrations too.  Check out the one above.

So she’s a talented lass, this Maggie Moon, this figment of someone’s imagination. She’s a bit like Wyrd. Real and not real, at the same time. A cosmic rendition of Schrodinger’s cat.

She sincerely hopes you enjoy her musings as she treads a never-entirely certain path.


What do you think?

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