Be my friend


Be my friend, or
Stop being my friend,
Either way is up to you,
I don’t mind
Or feel bereft
Whether you choose
To stay or go,
But all the time
It seems to me,
If you can be the
Best one for thee,
You’re doing better
Than all the rest
Of those
Unhappy souls
Who think and live
According to
What they believe
Others want.
Whether you know me
Or whether you don’t
Be true to yourself,
No matter what.

Maggie Moon

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The guy I love

The guy I love
I turn towards
Like aloe turns towards
The sun.

The guy I love
Gives me answers
Sometimes not the answers
I think I want.


The guy I love
Has quiet strength
Though he wishes that strength
Was prouder.

The guy I love
Is a soft lad
With agonies most lads
Don’t get.


The guy I love
Runs through my heart
Open, free, a

No other man for me.

Maggie Moon

Whatever I write

Whatever I write
Will be the wrong thing
Whatever I do
When I try to think
How to explain the
Depths of my feelings
How to describe the
Churning within when
I’m not allowed to
Show I love you.

I’m not in a place
Where I’m lost and sad,
Enjoying, instead,
What peace can be had.
Dramatics are cheap
Like gas from a bag
But when can we both
Take an equal drag
And smile and crying
Say I love you?

So now that you’re gone
And your life is free
How does it feel now
To be without me?
It’s great out at first
A bird on the wing
Do you love being alone?
Can you cope, long term?
Of course you can, it’s
Why I love you.

You’ve no need for another
And that’s the point.

I don’t want to be needed.
I want to be wanted.

Maggie Moon

Till then

Don't be afraid

Actions in life
Speak louder than words
But words were what I hoped for.
Not promises (smoke on wind
Drifted smells of wonderful things),
Not regrets (the saddest things
Worse than the terrible happenings),
But quiet words with feeling
Without sentiment
Without gushing and
Without the use of the word


Three pages
Three minutes
Of shaking, trembling happiness
And fear.
Just enough words
To keep you dear
To me,
My love.

And all that I can say to thee, is
truth and honesty.
Open transparency
That anyone can see.

Commitment to our choices
Whatever they are
No matter what.
If that’s what you want,
That’s what.

And now
We wait
With bated breath
To see what on earth
Will happen next,
Hands a-sweat
Nothing more to be said
For now.

Till then.

Maggie Moon

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So over you

I am so over you.
Sometimes whole hours pass
Before you pass before my mind
Sometimes it’s lunchtime before I think of you.
That would never have happened
Before when I was caught
Like a tuna in a trawler net
Like a dragonfly in a butterfly net
Your web was sweet
Filtered with honeyed words
And shiny, beautiful new
But without those glistening strands of captivation
I fly true, alone
Freedom at a cost
But freedom nonetheless.
Still hoping in secret, one day
That time will be turned back
That your sticky strands will recapture me
That sweet joy will be brought forth
Safe in the arms of
He who holds my soul forever.
But for now. Just
For now.
I’m so over you.

 Maggie Moon

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Looking back … looking forwards

Looking back on the year gone past
It’s clear there were some errors
Some losses made, some joyful blasts,
Some breakthroughs … even terrors.

Culminated disappointments
Maladjusted pressures
Self-destructed readjustments
Leading to depression.

Moving forward, stronger now
Living for each moment
Pressures lifted, doubts laid down
Happiness more cogent.

You may not realise it right here
This life is all we’ve got
Our chance to make it work is clear
By aiming at the top.

So take your hopes,  your dreams, your fears
And rock them to the end
‘Cause all your needs, your hopes, your tears
The Universe will send.

Maggie Moon

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Who cares what anybody thinks?

As a newly enlightened witch, this is my new mantra: who cares what ‘they’ think?

Not because I’m hell-bent on causing magickal mayhem down town. Nor because I’m going to start doing socially unacceptable things like allowing my dog to poo in the streets or shoplift (yes, she’s that clever).

The real reason is this: what other people think doesn’t have to impact on your life.

Opinions are great

When it comes to everyday life, most people have an opinion if you tell them what you do, what you want, what your plans are, where you’re going. They also have one if you don’t tell them about those things. Hell, where I live, they’ll happily make up the details if you don’t furnish them.

Their opinions might be compatible with your world view. And they might not be. Most of the time they skate somewhere in between.

But the exact set of circumstances that led to you making the choices and decisions you did – from what you wear in the morning, to the career you chose and the boyfriend you have – are totally individual and specific to you. Even if you explain it to them, there’s a strong chance they won’t fully understand, either down to their own limitations or your storytelling capabilities.

Even if you get most of everything across to them, no matter how hard they imagine it, or how well they know ‘that kind’ of situation, they cannot. Possibly. Know. How you feel.

They can’t know of the nuances and slip-ups that balance the adoration you feel for someone, or the 38 year history of your family and why you react like you do to everything. They might know the physiological feelings as the adrenalin hits your stomach, but they won’t have exactly the same triggers.

When someone is being empathetic/empathic, they stretch their imagination a little to stand in your shoes for the time they are with you. They can understand that it is too hard for you to adequately explain the way you feel about something (and friends are the greatest thing in the world for this), but they don’t feel what you feel when you feel it for the reasons that you feel it.

So, with the greatest respect to my friends and advisors, to whom I am infinitely grateful (I bash their ears a lot), with a crystal clear conscience I can say opinions don’t matter. Not mine, nor anyone else’s.

Knowledge matters, but not opinions. Whether you see something as good or bad is up to you.

But guess what?

I didn’t realise the effect that living that thought would have on me.

It frees you. Releases a lot of anxiety that you didn’t know you carried.

Suck it, and see.

Some unexpected free verse

If you want to fly free of the fetters of other people’s shutters, and lose the strife of everyday life, now is the timing to get on without whining, pull yourself away and live life every day, because if you care too much about what people think, you might as well lock yourself up and drink

yourself to death.

Bright  blessings!

Maggie Moon


No need to stand
With an empty hand
An empty heart
With a closed up part.
No need to bleed;
There’s a need instead
To breathe.

No need to cry
Face-up to the sky
A rainy day once
In a while
Is fine, it’s true
But it’s up to you.
Think what you want,
What’s good for you?

So no need to bleed
Or even grieve
You know what will be
Will be.
And it makes no odds
If you worry or not
Make the most of what
You’ve already got
And untie yourself
From your self-made knots
And grow your seedling
Once again because
You deserve to breathe.


Maggie Moon

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Angry vulnerability

Trying to trace the anger
Its source and reason to be
Some of it learned behaviour
Always reactionary.

Adrenaline fires the passion
Explodes an incendiary
Kickstarts a chain-linked action
Turns peace to shattered debris.

Adrenaline’s fight or flight
A chemical reaction
Stress hormone with a bite
Life saver with some traction.

The reaction stems from fear;
More vulnerable – more angry
Putting others’ needs ahead
Leaves mine no time in the foundry.

Of course that’s not quite correct,
It’s nobody else’s fault
Permissions you give yourself
Are only your own assault.

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Maggie Moon


Self-Torture for Dummies: available on Nook and Kobo

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Get yours now and feel the love and passion from the poetry.



And when you’ve read it, come back, tell us how it was for you! All feedback is GOOD feedback!

Maggie Moon


The things you said confused me
In your letter out of the blue
And then I remembered the things I said
And realised a few truths.

I know I said you’d break my heart
We now know that was true
Not because you were better than me
But because your life was unglued.

You thought my self-esteem was low
Because I looked for praise
But could it have been I admired you,
In almost every way?

You truly were my ideal guy
In every shape and form
Truth is, you couldn’t accept my love,
‘Cause your own esteem was torn.

Maggie Moon

Give and take

Give and take
In equal parts
Together makes
A handsome heart.

If you think
I gave too much
And took nothing
You fail to touch

Upon the truth
Because, my love,
The pudding’s proof
Is rather tough.

The problem, then,
You couldn’t see
How much we meant
To you and me

Because of this
You thought my loss
Would likely be
A zero cost.

You were wrong.

Maggie Moon

Healing now

Oh my love,
Your absence is like
Negative matter
An imprint in the ether
Invisible substance
Reversing the space.

All anger gone,
Just regret that you
Will miss the newness
That is my healing self.
Invisible light-works
Reversing the pain.

Oh my love,
Always look forward
And outwards and in.
Your path is a clear one
Lit well from within
Reversing the dark.


Go, then.

Go, then.
Leave the hope, the joy, the fear
The pain that love’s sweet touch draws near.
Forget my love
Call it lack of self-worth
At least that way it doesn’t hurt.

Go, then.
Heal yourself and learn to love
Face your fears and embrace yourself
Forget my love
Call it desperation
Devalue it with rationalisation.

At least that way it matters not.

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Maggie Moon

Not the right time

Love is ...

There might have been a time for love
It might exist still yet
But for every kiss sent up above
There should be one for Self.

Whoever the object of your love
A man, a god, a pet, a girl
You cannot give what you know you should
If you don’t let yourself unfurl.

So give yourself the love you need
And spread it all around you
‘Cause that’s the food your love you feed
And that’s how love will find you.

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Maggie Moon

My book has been published! Self-Torture for Dummies OUT NOW

Due to the vagaries of modern technologies, it seems that publishing today was the best option, rather than doing so on 1st Feb and then spending that day worrying.

It’s available on Smashwords for the moment, soon to follow on Kobo and most big online book retailers, so get your Smashwords signup sorted, and get it bought!

Here’s the link to get you started!

Self-Torture for Dummies is about the emotional rollercoaster when you fall in love with someone who says they’re free to do so … when they’re not. It’s about the complications of modern life, with a nasty little dose of mean witchcraft to make you sit up.

It might be a quick read, but hopefully it will get you thinking and feeling. I hope we’ve all fallen in love with the wrong person before … if you have, you’ll know the rush of confused and altered thinking that can take place.

Self-Torture for Dummies – Debut Poetry Collection

It’s true I’m what you might call a ‘passionate’ person. I’m inclined to get into all kinds of passions.

Passion isn’t just about love and lust; it’s about the temperature of your emotions.  The closer to the heat of 1 kelvin that you get, the more passionate you are.

Passion can take the form of righteous anger for the underdog, whether that dog is millions of unfortunate seabirds caught up in a flotsam of human waste or the victim of an abusive relationship. It can shift into a rush of adrenalin when you put two pieces of knowledge together and make a whole fact make sense.

And the passion that comes with love, whether returned or unrequited; the hotter that gets, the more pain – or joy – it causes.

Passion is a deluge of fire, a celestial high, a ride on a broomstick through a starry, crisp, cold night. It’s the nauseated belly when everything’s gone wrong, the loss of willpower when the end seems nigh, and the superhuman strength just when you need it.

Passion is why I write poetry.

So over time, I plan to give you some of my poetry as it comes to me. Right here on this blog. In the meantime, I will publish my debut collection, Self-Torture for Dummies, in ebook (to begin with – paperback to follow) on 1st February, 2015.

Self-Torture for Dummies

Self-Torture for Dummies tells of a love affair beyond passion, which should have been easy to bring together, but the two lovers are torn from each other by ‘his’ wife, who claims to be a powerful sorceress.

Might sound a bit 16th century, but it’s definitely a 21st century piece with social media mentions, emailed love letters, and a very modern attitude to love and communication.

Raw passion, terrible despondancy, and love unrequited for reasons outside the lovers’ control? Or pure joy, adoration, and squeeeee?! Whatever you’re looking for, I hope you find it in Self-Torture for Dummies.

It philosophises about the reasons why things don’t work out, takes you through the depths of fear and panic about being alone and being attacked, but you get the highs as well as the lows; no point in being unduly negative! It’s love poetry, after all.


I also hope you love the artwork that comes in the form of title pages for each poem. It’s maybe 20 years since I picked up a pen and drew something, so I’m pretty pleased at the effects. Here’s one to whet your appetite:

What He Said

Let me know what you think if you like! I can take it!

Maggie Moon

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