HOW TO: Centre and ground

Centre and ground

Centering and grounding is the only surefire way I know to bring you into the present.

I want to say that being present is a really safe place. That nothing awful happens in the present. It sounds ridiculous, bearing in mind all the misery in the world, but this is my journey, and I’m only telling you what I feel. I feel it to be true.

Centre, and ground

This isn’t an exercise; it’s a life tool. When you centre and ground, you draw all of your attention to your middle and plunge it deep into the ground below.

Your centre is somewhere in your middle. (Obvs, right?) It’s maybe just below your navel, in that neck of the woods. If you’re taller, it may be higher, nearer your solar plexus.

A good way to find it is to use your breathing*.

  • Breathe in four counts and hold four counts.
  • Breathe out four counts and hold four counts.

Repeat until you are really aware of your middle. Put your focus and attention and your self on your centre.

Don’t sweat it 😉  you’ll feel it.

Centering acts to draw in all the excess energies around your person. As your centre core fills with the energies you don’t need, you’ll feel the pressure grow inside you.

You’re supposed to do this at least twice a day, 15 minutes each time, but honestly, the pressure’s too much for me to hold this for long some days.

When you are ready to release the energy from your centre and ground it:

  • Breathe in four counts but don’t hold
  • **Breathe out six counts and hold six counts.
  • Breathe in four counts.

Repeat from ** until you feel really aware of yourself and everything around you. It really doesn’t take long to do, and you run out of breath quite soon because you’re continually breathing out further than you breathe in.

As you sink your breath into the earth below you, your consciousness also goes downwards with it. Two beats deeper each time you exhale for six seconds.

It means that when you centre and ground, you take all the extraneous energy – and this collects negative energies like anger, disappointment, and sadness – and send it deep into the earth for safekeeping.

To me it’s easier than imagining two cords of white light plunging into the earth’s crystal-filled centre. This grounding and centering technique is way more convenient. You can do it while driving, or when you’re walking along.

Breathing is easy. We’ve done it our whole lives. Even the counting gets easier after a few goes.

When you’re there – when you’re grounded and totally present, you’ll learn how it feels. It’s got a flavour.

How often should you ground and centre?

Look, I get told all the time how bossy I am. Figure out what’s right for you. I gather the optimum rate is a dedicated morning and night ritual of both breathing exercises, around 15 minutes a time.

I do it more often than that, but not for as long. I also meditate between 15-35 minutes every morning, and have done so daily since about 3 months ago, and intermittently before that. I always centre and ground before I meditate.

Why do I keep banging on about being present?

I just want the world to know how great this stuff is. It has changed me and changed my life, and although it’s sometimes tempting to look on some of those changes negatively, that would be crazy! Who would look through a whole bunch of beautiful grapes, and discard the lot because they found one wizened raisin?

Everything has improved for me. My relationships, my prospects, my attitude, my career … and solid, quantifiable things too. The sorts you can put into banks and keep in your house.

It might seem a bit dull for the first few weeks, but the benefits creep up on you, and they can’t be ignored.

If you don’t want or don’t believe in spiritual experiences

If you want it not to be magic or particularly spiritual, use it to trick yourself into having a positive mental attitude. And remember it’s just you directing the energies, like you’re supposed to. We’re all just energy anyway. Learned that in Year 8 chemistry.

So grounding and centring are pretty useful tools in this quest for everlasting happiness and peace. I hope you give it a bash.

Peaceful vibes to all.

Maggie Moon